Eric Gandler of Development Electric knows if you manage a business, y it can be a real headache when something goes wrong with the electrical supply. That’s why the master electrician – servicing the Capital Region – strives to be the most reliable contractor on the market. If the power in your building, factory or warehouse fails, so does productivity and therefore profit. Or if the security system goes down, you run the risk of compromising the safety of your business and your staff.

Beyond that, clients and customers expect a certain level of service from you. When you can’t provide it — even if it’s due to unexpected, faulty electrical work — many will look elsewhere for more reliable assistance.

You want to get the problem fixed ASAP, but while there are plenty of electricians to choose from, all too often none can deliver the flexibility, affordability, safety, or even the exact services that you need.

That’s why Eric Gandler founded Development Electric. He understands the importance of quality electrical work that you can rely on for your business.

Development Electric makes sure your electrical services get back up and running, and are up to code and properly maintained. This way, future electrical issues are less likely to happen.

If you’re in the market to hire a commercial or industrial electrical contractor, here’s everything you can expect from working with Eric and Development Electric.

An experienced electrician

Owner Eric Gandler is a master electrician with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Moreover, he understands businesses have more important things to worry about than electrical troubles. He works as quickly and effectively as possible to get your office or warehouse running normally once again, hassle-free.

No job too difficult

How often has an electrician back down from your project because of the complexity, difficulty, or even unsureness about exactly what to do? These are the jobs that Eric performs with confidence. He does not back down from any project, and gets even the most difficult jobs done right.

Everything electrical

Eric Gandler is licensed across the board; for commercial and electricity installation, fire alarms, security systems, data security systems, voice evacuation, internet, and more.

It’s a hassle to call in a new contractor for every electrical job that you need done. When you hire Development Electric, you get a “one-stop shop” for all of your electrical work. Services that Eric Gandler Development Electric and his team can provide include new electrical construction, additions and repairs, new electrical systems, service entrances, lighting, switchgear, motor control, high-voltage, low-voltage, cameras, and security.

Superior energy installations

One thing Eric really cares about — other than providing high-quality services at an affordable price — is energy efficiency. By using superior products, customers enjoy both an increase in their quality of living and a decrease in their energy bills.

For example, when working with lighting, Eric installs LED lights. These have a tremendously fast ROI, as once they’re installed, they are extremely energy-efficient — which means they save you money almost immediately. Plus, by using green systems like this, clients receive the perks of credits and wagers for their installments.

More information

Development Electric serves Clifton Park, East Greenbush, Schenectady, Albany, Saratoga Springs, and the Troy, New York area. To learn more about the customized commercial and industrial electrical work offered, visit their website, Facebook or call (518) 992-7825.